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We're a global production company, with a strong presence in Asia and Latin America, that specializes in hosting business-related conferences and social responsibility events. Committed to top quality service at executive and VIP levels, Gray Light remains a top choice for clients seeking professional and methodical events company that gets it right the first time, every time.



Gray Light is an events company headquartered in New York, with additional branches in Hong Kong and Argentina. Gray Light works in conjunction with some of the regionís most well-known and recognizable brands to host top quality events. We also maintain a subsidiary office in London which caters to our international clientele. 

Here at Gray Light, our task is to ensure that the events we produce meet your grand expectations in full, and surpass them in the details. We take pleasure in ësweating the small stuffí so that you never need to. 

Our specialty is the hosting of high-level events and private conferences that cater to individuals and teams who form the basis of some of Asiaís most recognizable companies and brands. 

Whether your company or institution is planning to spoil employees with a fancy evening of dinner and dancing, or is perhaps organizing an industry-specific conference, or is looking to partake in a particular expo, Gray Light has the tools and experience to bring your vision into fruition.

We pride ourselves with our social responsibility events, devoting a large part of our efforts to causes close to our heart. We have organized numerous events that raise awareness about domestic violence, promote helping children and fighting for womenís rights. We are pleased to announce that our charity events have had extremely positive outcomes, raising generous sums and gaining much-needed support.   

Gray Light coordinators are dedicated to perfecting the design and implementation of your event, as well as ensuring a flawless execution that leaves participants feeling deeply impressed. We are known to be able to pull off the impossible with a professional attitude which keeps our client base growing, so we pledge the following to you: if you can dream it, we can do it! 


Gray Light personnel are multi-talented and experienced individuals who are looking forward to planning, organizing, and hosting on your behalf. 


We are dedicated to our clients' ultimate goals and remain enthralled by the work that we do. We constantly commit ourselves to being positive no matter the turn of events and we know how to quickly mitigate common issues encountered when the event is underway. 


The Gray Light way of doing events begins with our immersion into the planning and design phases of our client’s request. We do this to an absolute maximum to ensure that on event day we have everything set up and ready to go, and are confident that it will be executed methodically and flawlessly. 


The process is effortless on your part. We will meet at a date and time of your choosing and hold a thorough brainstorming session that puts your desires on the table and gives us a chance to start sketching your event. 


This session helps us to establish what you’re looking to achieve, the number of participants expected, where you’d like the event to happen, what your available dates and your budget are, and the extent you want us to be involved in the overall process. Once established, we get to work organizing the entire event from A-Z. 




















                Gray Light Productions is looking forward to working with you! 


upcoming events

Start Up Conference & Exhibition

Gray Light Productions is proud to be organizing a large-scale conference and exhibition for upcoming start-up companies. Planned to take place in New York in the spring of 2018, the conference invites the most innovative start-ups to participate and pitch their products and ideas to a panel of high-tech industry experts. Over 150 start-ups from the United States and elsewhere have sent in pitch requests, all of which concern developing intriguing projects. 

In addition to pitches, the conference will hold lectures given by a number of prominent start-up founders and high-tech developers. They will present, demonstrate and raise questions on some of the most tenacious topics in the industry today. 

Our venue interior design is in tune with the innovative tech atmosphere, and we will be providing state-of-the-art equipment.

Domestic violence in South America is one of the most urgent problems of the last decades. The phenomenon is so common, that most of the violence and rape cases do not get reported and the victims never receive the support they need.


Gray Light Productions will be hosting a conference that will raise important questions and issues regarding domestic violence in South America. The top experts from organizations and NGOs devoted to subjects such as violence against women and domestic violence will give lectures and lead discussions on pressing matters. Each panel discussion will include between 5-7 speakers who will discuss the following topics: 


- Government policies regarding domestic violence.

- Ways to eradicate domestic violence and rape.

- The importance of education and awareness.

- Ways to promote activism to support women and children in South America 


The event will take place in September 2018 in Argentina. Our guests of honor include government officials and leading policymakers from Argentina that we hope to inspire to evoke much-needed change in the area. 


Violence in South America Conference

Gender equality is yet to be fully achieved around the world, but certain areas require special attention and assistance. Women in Asia are subjected to reproductive oppression, violence and unequal rights, and are in urgent need of support.


Gray Light Productions will collaborate with several women’s rights organization to host a conference dedicated to the cause of women’s rights in Asia. The conference will include lectures, panel discussions and debates, led by the founders and activists of these organizations.


They will discuss ways to promote women’s rights in Eastern countries, raise awareness and evoke change. The event will take place in April 2018 in Japan. Participants and guests will be offered food and beverage courtesy of the Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Centre, an organization that fights to end violence and discrimination against women around the world. 

Women’s Rights in Asia



Wine &

Spirits Fair

Building off 2016’s Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair success, Gray Light Productions will be teaming up with the HKTDC for the 10th iteration of the fair set to take place over the weekend of 9-11 November 2017. 


Last year’s fair attracted nearly 20 000 visitors from 68 countries, and this year’s turnout is expected to be even greater with over 1 000 international exhibitors expected to take advantage of the fair’s deep knowledge and experience working with the drinks trade. 


Since wine’s import duties were lifted in early 2008, Hong Kong experienced a rapid expansion in the import and sale of wines from around the world. Bolstering this has been Hong Kong’s export of wine which managed to increase by impressive 9.2% in 2016. 


Hong Kong provides the perfect springboard into mainland China for businesses both east and west that are looking to import wine into the region. As the middle class continues to grow, the demand for good quality wine grows with it and continues to render Hong Kong attractive for business. 


Don’t miss out on the enriching activities on offer such as master classes, wine tastings, and cocktail makings. the 2017 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair will provide an excellent platform for networking and be geared towards creating opportunities in the drinks trade. 

Sino-Russian Bilateral Trade Conference

Following his July 2017 visit to Russia, President Xi Jingping and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin strengthened strategic and economic ties between their nations in what has been described as a glowing diplomatic success. 


The Chinese President reportedly told Russian media that relations between the two superpowers were at their highest point in history, and followed by stating that each continues to act as the other’s “most trustworthy strategic partner”. 


An investment fund of US$10 billion was announced during the trip, though specifics concerning its proposed purposes for the most part have been kept under wraps. While the media continues to speculate over the deal and piece together its ultimate goals, Gray Light is bringing the top CEOs from both nations’ core industries together to discuss budding opportunities that continue to crop up in a variety of key industries including natural resources, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. 


The Sino-Russian Conference is scheduled to take place in February 2018 and is expected to attract some of the most influential CEO’s from both nations. It will be exclusively designed to meet the needs of its top-level participants, and will include short seminars and workshops before wrapping up with an in-depth and focused roundtable discussion that concerns major developments, projections, and opportunities that can be realized through additional cooperation. 


Gray Light Productions is privileged to host this event and is looking forward to providing the requisite ambience to fuel cooperation and growth. 

Sino-Indian Pre-SED Conference

Bilateral trade between India and China has been rising steadily over the last decade. Back in 2008, China surpassed the United States as India’s main tangible goods trading partner. A mere three years thereafter, bilateral trade reached new heights of US$73.9 billion. 


The latest figures show that India is among the largest exporters to China. Trade between the nations in 2017 Q1 increased by approximately 20%, with exports to India growing year-on-year by a promising 15%. 


With Indian initiation, the first Sino-Indian Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) took place in 2011. Second, third, fourth and fifth iterations took place in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017 respectively with foci remaining on infrastructure, energy, new and renewable energy, environment, and high-tech cooperation between the nations. 


Gray Light is pleased to announce that we have secured the bid to host the 2018 pre-SED conference, which will give CEOs and industry leaders an opportunity to assess Sino-Indian macroeconomic relations before handing over their findings to governmental representatives engaged in the Strategic Economic Dialogue. 


This represents a perfect opportunity to get the major players from both nations under one roof to discuss the best avenues forward, strengthening Sino-Indian trade relations in the process and fostering higher levels of cooperation that benefits both sides. 

Education & Careers Expo

The highly regarded Education & Careers Expo will see Gray Light once again team up with the HKTDC to stage the 28th iteration of the expo which will allow some of the region’s most desirable businesses and educational institutions to rub shoulders with prospective employees and students. 


Over 860 organizations from 22 countries have registered to take full advantage of the expo’s interactive nature and to meet the next generation of employees and students who will drive their businesses and institutions forward. 

This year, four industries have been selected for emphasis: 


- Mechanical & Electrical Engineering 

- Startups 

- Tech & Innovation 

- Arts 


This initiative provides industry leaders the opportunity to gather under one roof and assess the latest industry trends while simultaneously assessing the compatibility of prospective employees. Not only does this result in Hong Kong’s most prolific intra-industry networking, it also provides an injection of CVs for partaking companies and lands prospective employees the jobs that they’re after. 


Gray Light Productions will be arranging the expo alongside the HKTDC to provide an open-plan and free event aimed at attracting high quality young adults that are ready to embark on their chosen career paths. 

Disabled children living in the rural areas of Africa are in desperate need of donations and support. For the most part, African infrastructure is not designed for disabled users, making it extremely difficult for them to access public transport, buildings or public gatherings.


Gray Light will be hosting a fundraiser addressing this pressing issue. The event will be centered on raising awareness for the neglected African children with disabilities, and raising donations that will be put towards redesigning the inadequate infrastructure and promoting local initiatives that will help those in need.


Planned to take place in February 2018 in South Africa, the event will include speeches by activists and policymakers from all over Africa who will share their insights on the matter at hand and inspire guests to join the cause. There will be a formal dinner and entertainment organized in collaboration with charity organizations that support African women and children living in poverty throughout the continent. 

Disabled African Children Fundraiser

The Hong Kong Food Expo is the perfect place for food and beverage suppliers to showcase their delicious products to the region and the world. After 2016’s record performance and the attendance of an incredible half a million people, this year’s event aims to break the record and reach new found heights. 


Gray Light is teaming up with the HKTDC and supporting organizations to ensure that this year’s event is more delicious than ever before and the exhibitions are as appetizing as can be. 

Some of the main exhibit categories to be expected include: 


- Rice & Noodles 

- Fruit & Veg 

- Snacks & Biscuits 

- Processed & Frozen Food 

- Health & Organic Food 

- Meat & Fish 

- Sweets & Chocolates 

- Chinese Medicine & much more 


Join Gray Light for this tasty experience as we fill the halls with specialty food from around the country and the world. Be sure to check out the exclusive gourmet zone which will showcase some of the latest culinary masterpieces from China’s top chefs, as well as partake in seminars, cooking demonstrations and lotteries in which you can win food hampers and one-year memberships to Hong Kong’s top restaurants and stores. 

Hong Kong

Food Expo 



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